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Unique People

Unique Cancers

Personalized Care

A Proteomics Based Diagnostics Company 

to Revolutionize Personalized Oncology Care 

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A new generation of therapeutic and diagnostics focused on protein post-translational modifications

There is an entire universe of unexplored protein post-translational modifications that adversely regulate cellular functions.  MDI develops sophisticated proteomic tests to identify protein modification signatures that will enable a new generation of more effective therapeutics and diagnostics.  


Our tests will revolutionize personalized treatment plans and dramatically reduce patient suffering.  The assays will also allow for the identification of new druggable targets that will help pharma companies develop new precision medicines.  


We work with Oncology Pharmaceutical Companies to support their precision drug discovery and clinical development efforts


We develop critical Dx tests that rapidly measure drug efficacy in real-time, helping oncologists to promptly change a course of treatment if necessary


Supports patients by providing specific molecular insights into their cancer which helps their doctor provide optimal personalized care

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