A new, revolutionary way to quickly evaluate the efficacy of various treatments on over 80% of cancers


Highly innovative, unique and rapid diagnostic solutions for efficient drug development and personalized treatment.

Services:  Molecular Decisions provides boutique CRO services to pharmaceutical companies, helping them do faster and more confident drug development and clinical trials. The company analyzes clinical or analytical samples using nanoimmunoassays that precisely measure specific protein isoform drug targets, enabling sound, immediate decisions related to drug efficacy.

Testing. We adapt our clients’ assays to the Molecular Decisions platform and then test their samples using those assays.
This process yields both precise results and, if desired, additional insights into the relevant protein signature. 
The strong expertise of the Molecular Decisions lab reduces both the risk and resources needed by client. 

Assay development.  We assist clients in developing or refining assays.  

Molecular Decisions’ expertise complements the internal resources of clients to help develop their assays or to expand their assay candidates to include specific protein isoforms.

The company has validated tests for a number of cancer targets.    We have developed independent protein assays for kidney, lung, ovarian, breast, endometrial, lymphoma, leukemia and myelodysplasia.

Products:  Molecular Decisions is developing and co-developing diagnostics and reagents with a focus on cancer.  The company is poised to develop hundreds of novel assays and is able to work on non-cancer assays.


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