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      MDI is Striving to Develop a New Era of

Diagnostic Testing to Personalize Patient Care

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Our Mission

To improve the lives of patients suffering from cancer by providing physicians with the most relevant information to better direct their clinical decision making and enable them to provide individualized care plans for their patients.

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Our Story

Molecular Decisions is the brainchild of Dr. Dean Felsher and Dr. Alice Fan.  As cancer researchers and clinical oncologists, they dreamed of developing methods that would better serve their patients who were suffering from different types of debilitating cancers.  Much of their research at Stanford revolves around developing novel diagnostic tools to determine the mechanisms of action of targeted cancer agents and to define biomarkers of early therapeutic response to these agents. They have developed and implemented a clinical ready proteomic-based assay called the Nanoimmunoassay (NIA) and were the first to apply it as a clinical assay to measure molecular responses to therapies in patients. 

Dr. Dean Felsher, MD, MDI Co-Founder

Dr. Dean Felsher, MD, PhD


  I wanted to transform the care of cancer patients by enabling the immediate at point of care determination when therapy is working, but I also envisioned building a company that would support Pharma Companies with their efforts to develop better precision medicines by providing critical molecular insights into how their therapeutic agents really work.

  As oncologists, in this molecular age, we still judge the success of therapy with a ruler, by measuring tumor diameters.  We need better tools that can rapidly monitor drug efficacy and allow us, clinicians, to change a patient’s course of treatment if a drug is not working.  Cancer patients don’t have the luxury of spending time taking debilitating therapies that don’t work.  I founded Molecular Decisions with the intent to overcome the current limitations that cancer patients and oncologists are faced with every day when monitoring treatment efficacy to quickly determine the best personalized care plans.

Dr. Alice Fan - MDI Co-Founder

Dr. Alice Fan, MD


More recently Molecular Decisions brought Dr. Jonathan Dávila onboard to serve as President and CEO.  Dr. Davila has experience building Biotechnology and Drug Discovery companies, as well as the technical expertise necessary to push Molecular Decisions to become a leading proteomic-based CDx company. 

Jonathan Davila, CEO

 Dr. J.L. Jonathan Dávila, PhD

CEO and President

  I’m excited to be part of the MDI team. Our Dx platform will revolutionize how oncologists manage their patients personalized care plans and how cancer drugs are developed.  As with so many things in life, timing is everything and this is especially true for oncology patients.  MDI has the necessary technology and know-how to put time back into the hands of patients, physicians, and pharmaceutical researchers.

Our Story
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