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Why Focus on Proteins?

Although measuring DNA or RNA has the appeal of being operationally straightforward, it is often inadequate since specific protein modifications are frequently the most relevant indicators of a disease state or therapeutic response of interest. 

Proteins are the truly functional biological entities within cells and serve as the hardware that drive molecular processes.  MDI focuses on monitoring protein modifications critical for diagnosing and tracking disease progression, establishing individual prognosis, and evaluating treatment responses.

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Our Assays

Most Precision Medicines work by targeting the altered proteins that promote a diseased state.  For these therapies to work they must have CDx tests that can monitor relevant changes in the activity status of a drug’s protein target and other important protein biomarkers within the individual patient.  


MDI brings sophisticated proteomics to enable a new generation of more effective personalized therapeutics and diagnostics.  Our proteomic-based assays measure protein changes that correlate with therapeutic drug efficacy and positive patient outcomes.  The tests will rapidly provide physicians with real-time information to direct their clinical decision making.  MDI's pipeline of assays will greatly benefit individual patients by reducing failed drug therapies and decrease the time and cost of overall treatments. 

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How do we measure and monitor protein?

MDI’s unique tests measure proteins and their modifications via a Nano-Immuno Assay (NIA).  Briefly, samples are run on a capillary electrophoresis system and desired proteins are detected by immunodetection.  The antibody-based detection method makes the system extremely versatile and adaptable for the detection of practically any particular protein biomarker.    

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