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        Delivers on the Promise of Proteomics


Our unique assays enable the real-time monitoring of protein biomarkers and drug targets.  Many oncology therapeutics function by altering the post-translational modifications occurring to the actual drug target or downstream proteins within the targeted pathway.  Understanding what is happening at the protein level, including their activation status and post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation, acetylation, and glycosylation, is critical for understanding a drug's MOA, diagnosing and monitoring disease progression, establishing individual prognosis, confirming genomic predictions, and tracking treatment responses.

MDI works side-by-side with pharmaceutical companies, helping them do faster and more confident drug discovery and clinical development. 

MDI supports Pharma Companies by

Providing molecular insight to better understand the underlying disrupted biology leading to a cancerous state

Assessing drug efficacy and MOA in vitro and in vivo

Stratifying patient populations and identifying preferential cohorts that would respond positively in clinical trials

Identifying, validating, and monitoring novel disease biomarkers and drug targets 

Developing QC and QA testing for cell and gene therapy applications


For more information regarding MDI's capabilities please Contact Us

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