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Each Patient's Cancer is Unique.

Treatment Should be Personalized. 



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As many new precision medicines enter clinical trials and come to market, the challenge for doctors is to understand each patient’s unique cancer and then provide the patient with the best-personalized treatment plan.

MDI aspires to revolutionize the management of cancer treatment by implementing novel Dx tests to complement precision medicine therapies.

Our custom Dx tests can rapidly determine the best drug therapy and monitor in real-time therapeutic efficacy in individual patients by measuring and tracking changes to a particular drug's protein target and other relevant protein biomarkers.

Currently, most cancer patients need to wait months before finding out if their drug therapy regimen is working.  This is a major problem because, besides the wasted time, patients will be exposed to the debilitating toxicity and fatigue associated with the failed drug therapy.


MDI supports oncologist by

Providing critical information which drives clinical decisions

Developing and running tests that can provide insights into an individual patient’s unique disease status

Providing information to deliver personalized care plans to their patients  

Providing oncologists with critical information to promptly change a patient's course of treatment if it is not working

Rapidly monitoring drug therapeutic efficacy in real-time

The ability to predict if a therapy is working within just a few days after starting a new treatment will greatly benefit patient outcomes and reduce the overall cost of treatment.

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It is time to empower cancer patients with personalized care. 

Human biological diversity makes each patient’s cancer unique.  Distinct cancer types, cellular compositions, and molecular makeup explains why patients respond differently to oncology drugs and require personalized treatment plans.

MDI aspires to revolutionize the management of cancer treatment by developing diagnostic tests that provide molecular insights into each patient’s unique cancer.


The tests will enable physicians to provide personalized care plans based on a patient’s individualized cancer. 

MDI also works hand in hand with pharma companies, to develop new diagnostic tests that complement their precision medicines.

These tests serve to identify patients that would most likely benefit from a drug and then rapidly monitor if the treatment is working.  

MDI helps empower patients by

Providing specific molecular insights into an individual’s cancer

Helping their doctor provide optimal personalized care that works

Rapidly monitoring in real-time if their drug therapies are working as intended

Reducing the length of ineffective therapies which can debilitate the patient by causing toxicity and extended fatigue


For more information regarding MDI's capabilities please Contact Us

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